Guido W. Fuchs
Laboratory Astrophysics
Department 10 - Physics
Heinrich-Plett-street 40
34132 Kassel, Germany
Building: AVZ1
Room 1111

phone: +49 561 804-4797
fax: +49 561 804-934792

latest news

New in 2019:
I am PI of the DFG project "Chirped-pulse Fourier transform millimeterwave spectroscopy on transient molecules of astrophysical relevance (CP-FTMM Astro)"


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Welcome !

I am working in the field of laboratoy astrophysics (University Kassel). Furthermore, I run the non-profit web portal [Astrochem].

Figure: Defocused diode laser beam at infrared wavelength (5mu) using a dataray camera.

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